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Intro to Swimming 101 by Richard Ebriefs (

The most unique part of Mike's time at college was when he signed up for a swimming elective course. Mike wasn't much of a swimmer, but still he was athletic, in high school he was a triple sport athlete: a cornerback in football, a shortstop in baseball, and a guard in basketball. While he played them all he just didn't stand out enough for a college scholarship. Swimming was offered as an elective and for Mike it stood out. He didn't have be good enough to join a team, and the grade was based on how much someone improves, Mike figured it was an easy A, as well as a good workout.

The course fit perfectly into Mike's schedule. He had back-to-back 18th Century European History followed by College Algebra, then Intro to Swimming. It would be a nice change of pace after the boring lectures all morning, and afterwards, he'll be free the rest of the day.

The first day of the course everyone was to meet in a class room instead of the pool. Mike remembers the first time his instructor walked into the room. The instructor was a man, mid forties with short receding black hair and a trimmed moustache. He was wearing a white sleeveless shirt, where his dark chest hair poked through, and a pair of very short red swimming trunks that showed off his hairy legs. It was a sharp contrast to what Mike was used to seeing from his professors, who were clean-cut, dressed in suits and ties.

The instructor greeted the class of all young men then went over the course objectives, learning and perfecting different strokes, learning life saving procedures, and even learning how to play water polo. After the brief introduction, the instructor led the men to the pool. On the way to the pool one of the young men asked if they were swimming today because he didn't bring any shorts. The instructor simply smiled and said that there was nothing to worry about.

Once at the pool the instructor gave Mike and the others a tour of the pool, the lockers, and the shower area, he instructed everyone to strip and rinse off in the showers. Mike and the class headed for the lockers. There was some talk among the students about if we were just rinsing off, and that there was still over an hour left in the course. The man who didn't bring any shorts was the most vocal about everyone being nervous. Mike was used to a locker room environment, being naked and showering off, but when he got down to his white Jockey briefs, the thought came across that he might be naked for a while.

Mike pulled down his briefs, placed his clothes in a locker and headed for the showers. By the time he got to the showers, there was already a line to get in. The instructor only wanted to used the first two showers to watch everyone rinse off and to have enough room for the guys to line up along the unused showerheads afterwards. When it was Mike's turn the instructor gave Mike a pat on the butt as he told him that he was up.

Mike approached the free showerhead where the water was already on. He reached his hand out and felt the warm water as it hit him. He stepped into the water having the water wet his all black hair. Mike let the water trickle down his naked body and used his hands to rub the water on his body, starting with his defined chest with all the little chest hairs that started to come in last summer. He continued to spread the water, rubbing his hands up and down his legs, finishing with his butt, with the feeling of his instructor's hand still in his mind. After a couple of pulls on his cock to add some length and to get it rinsed, Mike stepped out from the shower and took his spot in line next to his naked classmates.

The students continued to rinse off two by two, young bodies, of different shapes and sizes, smooth to hairy, big to small, with wet soft cocks flopping around under the water until the last student walked in.

A young brown haired, mostly smooth except for a thick bush walked in, fully erect. The small conversations of the students stopped as they witnessed the five inch erection of their fellow student. Everyone watched as he rinsed his body under the shower. When he finished, he turned off the water and the instructor, grabbed him by the arm and walked him in front of the line of naked students.

The instructor took a serious tone when he looked at the naked men and told them that he would only say this once. "Erections happen. Throughout the course several of you are likely to pop one." Then the instructor did something that shocked everyone. He reached over and cupped the balls and penis of the erect student. "Popping a boner is no big deal, we're all men, we have one; we get one. If there is any joking or taunting about a boner, then that person fails this course." The instructor let go of the students penis, giving him a pat on the butt and having him get in line. He then led everyone to the pool. Everyone was instructed to stand along the edge of the pool, when their names were called they were to hop in, and swim freestyle for five laps to give the instructor some starting information for their swimming skills for the course. One by one names were called; the students jumped in, swam their laps and climbed back out. It was easy to tell who had already swum, not just from the dripping water, but from the shrinkage every guy had. When Mike's name was called he jumped up and began swimming his laps.

Naked swimming was new to Mike and so was the feeling. The coolness of the water when he first jumped in, the feeling of the water felt great against his naked body, especially when he felt the cool water against his anus. As he started swimming the feeling of the water as it flow was a great new feeling for Mike. It felt like this cock was being rubbed by the water as he swam. By the end of his five laps, Mike found himself fully erect.

The instructor had to tell Mike to get out of the pool as he hung on to the edge not wanting to get out. Eventually he had no choice and climbed out getting back in line while his classmates saw water drip from his six inch hairy wet cock. Mike's cock looked much larger by comparison to all the shriveled wet cocks around him.

After all the guys finished their laps, they were free to go. However, the instructor had Mike and Cody, the erect guy form the shower stay behind. The instructor told the two to wait in his office by the corner of the pool as he made sure everyone showered before they left. Mike and Cody discussed why they called into the office. They hoped it wasn't about their erections from earlier.

When the instructor returned from watching the other students shower he had taken his shirt off. The instructor leaned against the side of his desk and told them why he wanted them to stay behind. He told his new students that he was impressed with their swim and with some direction they could be a part of the swim team, Mike was interested in joining, but Cody wasn't, he thanked for the offer and made his way out.

Mike stood there naked, his erection gone, while his instructor explained the team, traveling, the swim meets, and the lack of swimsuits among the competitors. Mike hesitated, he was nervous about traveling around the state to swim naked. He expressed his concern about getting an erection in front of everyone again. That's when the instructor made a shocking revelation.

What the instructor said was something that he hasn't told anyone in over 15 years, since the last time he swam in a meet. The instructor revealed that every time he swam naked, he got an erection every time. Every meet, every practice, even every shower, he had an erection. He then pulled out a newspaper article from his desk about a swim meet with a black and white photo. In that photo were several male swimmers, all naked, with one young man sporting an erection. Mike knew right away that the man with an erection was his instructor. Seeing that photo also caused something to stir within Mike.

Mike questioned if the instructor still had the same issue with his penis and the instructor admitted it. He said that if he took off his shorts, then he would get hard. By now Mike was fully erect again and both of them knew it. Mike then told the instructor that he shouldn't hide it, that he should follow his own advice, "Erections happen". Mike said this while pointing to his own erection. The instructor laughed and agreed to give it a shot. He got up from leaning on his desk, and slid down his short red shorts. He wasn't naked yet, he was wearing a swimmer's jock underneath. After placing his shorts on his, he turned to Mike, smiled, and then pulled down the jock.

Mike's eyes were firmly planted on the instructor cock. A hairy bush showed just the tip of his thick cock. Mike continued to look as the instructor's penis slowly as began to lengthen. It began to hang as it grew. Then it began to rise. It rose in a small bouncing fashion as blood continued pumped into his penis. Both men stood there naked and erect, not knowing what to do next.

They both started to say something to break the silence at the same time, and the instructor let Mike go first. Mike let it be known that the instructor should teach naked, his reasoning being that maybe it'll go away; at the very least the other students won't be as embarrassed when they get one.

The instructor said that he'll think about it. Then out of the blue the instructor asked if Mike wanted to jerk off with him. Mike was shocked by the statement, but the instructor told him that it was the only was he knew to get his boner to go back down. Mike feeling more excited than he thought he would be at such an offer, nodded in agreement.

They headed for the showers; the instructor knew that it would be empty for a few hours. Cory was already gone, so Mike and the instructor took adjoining showerheads. They stood under the showers for a minute, and then the instructor dispensed some soap, and started used it to rub his six inch thick cock. Mike watched him for a minute as the instructor slowly jerked his cock. Mike then got some soap from the same soap dispenser himself and started to rub himself. A few minutes passed while the two occasionally exchanged smiles. Mike went to get some more soap the same time the instructor did. The instructor said to go first as he got closer to Mike placing a hand on Mike's behind. Mike got the soap and soaped his hairy cock up again, noticing the instructors hairy cock was only inches away from his. The instructor never went for more soap; instead, he kept his hand firmly on Mike behind watching Mike jerk off his cock.

The temptation got the better of Mike has he took his hand, from his cock and grabbed his instructors cock and began to stroke it. Moans of pleasure came from him as his student continued to jerk him off. Mike went for more soap, but the instructor stopped him. Instead the instructor crouched down in front of Mike place both hands on Mikes smooth firm ass, and began to suck his cock. Now Mike was moaning in pleasure as he place his hands on his instructors head. Mike began to motion his body to match the sucking. After the sucking stopped and the instructor finished licking up and down Mike cock, he stood up, gave Mike a few last strokes and got some soap.

Instead of soaping up a cock, the instructor soaped up his wet furry ass. Mike smiled as he knew what that meant, he approach his instructor from behind, placed his wet cock up to the soapy ass of his instructor and slowly slid it in. Mike began to pound away at his instructor ass. Water dripped down the instructors defined back as Mike continued to pound away. Mike knew he couldn't take much more. The instructor told him to keep going. Mike went on for as long as he could, pounding his instructors ass with the warm water running down the instructor back. The water helped make the slapping of the two bodies even louder. It wasn't long before Mike let out a moan of relief as he shot his load while still pumping away at the instructor ass.

Afterwards the instructor told Mike that was enough for today and to dry and get dressed. Mike asked what about him. The instructor smiled and said "Next time."

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