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The Rookie Season by Marty S (

Lately, I have been reading a lot of stories about gangbangs by women or about women. This can happen to men as well like it did to me as a freshman in college. This happened twelve years ago after receiving a football scholarship at a major school. I was nineteen, and had just moved a thousand miles from home.

Summer practice was hard and gruelling, especially for us rookies. We had to work twice as hard and still got twice the abuse. I played safety and was doing extremely well. The coaches seemed impressed and a week before our first exhibition game they made me a starter. For a moment I was on top of the world. I soon received a healthy dose of reality.

The five team captains told me that rookie starters had to do extra practice. After regular practice they made me run extra laps, do a hundred more push-ups, and try to block each of them. The latter was the hardest because these guys were all huge. I was in good shape at 5' 10", 190 lbs, but was eclipsed by all of them. The quarterback, Trent, was a 6'2", 200 lbs blond beach god from California who was normally cool but had a bug on because I picked off a lot of his passes in practice. The fullback, Tony, was shorter than me but fifty pounds heavier and solid muscle. He was a stocky black dude who was a perfectionist and expected the same from everyone else. The centre, Mike, who kept his blond hair cut short, was a huge body builder weighing 275 lbs. Rudy was our star defensive end. Ruthless and blood thirsty on the field, he was everybody's buddy off. He was always playing practical jokes and clowning around in the locker room. This gentle black giant stood easily 6'9". The top captain was our middle linebacker, Henry, 6'3", 240 lbs, of evil. He was always intense, feared by all, and the toughest guy I ever met.

After forty extra minutes, Henry finally told me to hit the showers. The locker room was almost empty by the time I got there. I got out of my sweaty equipment looking forward to a nice refreshing shower. The captains followed me in and turned on all the hot water, which created a lot of steam. As I soaped up I couldn't help noticing their great bodies. Rudy's dick hung 10" soft. I imagined how big it would get when it was hard. I would soon find out. As I was about to leave, they stopped me. Henry said that to be a starter I had to pass initiation. He pushed me to my knees and I found myself eye to eye with his big black, fat as my wrist, 10" hard-on.

Although shocked and scared my mouth watered for that huge tool as I placed that bulbous purple head between my lips. I sucked it as hard as possible but he was too big. He held my hair as I tongued his cock all over, and his balls too. Although scared to death, I was turned on surprisingly. As I gave his cock a tongue bath, I sensed him growing impatient. He jammed his fat organ into the back of my mouth making me gag. I remembered what a girlfriend once told me about exhaling through the nose on down strokes and tried it. Amazingly his cock slid passed my tonsils and stretched my throat wide. Henry must have enjoyed the sensation of my throat because he almost smiled as he said, " That's a good bitch, suck my mother-fuckin dick!"

It felt great, On the up strokes I sucked hard like a vacuum than tried to impale as much as possible on each down stroke. I couldn't reach the bottom so I stroked that with my hand. I alternated sucking like that for ten strokes or so and using my tongue on the big purple head. After ten minutes of this ritual I tasted salty pre-come on the head. As my eyes never left his, I could see him start to go into a daze. He started fucking my face fast and hard. I grasped his big hard buns with my hands to hang on. As I kneaded them he suddenly erupted in orgasm. Although I had tasted my own come before, it had not prepared me for the torrent that Henry delivered. The first blast went passed my tonsils into my throat, the next filled my mouth, but the sperm kept on coming, all over my face.

I swallowed the tasty load figuring that I passed my initiation, but Trent, the quarterback came over with a semi hard-on about seven inches long. Without any hesitation he shoved the entire length into my open mouth, balls deep. My well-lubricated throat made that seem simple. With my nose in his blond pubes, I could feel his rod growing harder in my mouth. He groaned his approval and the others cheered. I was hoping he would come right there but he had another plan. Trent pulled his ridged member out of my mouth and rubbed it all over my face, coating it with Henry's come. I badly wanted to taste that come covered pole but was instructed to stand up and bend over the shower bench, which I did.

Trent roughly pulled my ass cheeks apart and spit on my asshole. I could feel the tip of his cock searching my crack for the chink in my sphincter. I could not believe this guy was actually going to fuck me! Soon his hot, hard, slippery cock head was passed that tight muscle and I was no longer a virgin. "This boy has one tight ass!" he commented as he buried his bone home deep inside my rectum. It was painful yet stimulating. For the first time I realized how turned on I was, as my dick was fully erect and straining. This took my mind off of the pain while Trent fucked me hard up the ass. His body felt hot pressed against my back. His cock was so hot. It felt fantastic, driving deep within me. Unconsciously, and without touching myself, I unloaded a huge orgasm all over the shower bench. I looked at the huge gobs of cream amazed that it all came out of my sac.

Trent slowed his attack on my ass for a moment, in shock of what he just saw. He bent me over further and ordered me to eat my come off the seat. Doing what I was told I lapped up every drop of my jism. Surprisingly, that got me hard again. Inspired, Trent assaulted my asshole with vigour for a couple more minutes finally slamming it home and filling my bowels with his seed. I lay face down on the bench as Trent's receding member slipped from my chute. No sooner was my rim returning to normal that I felt it split wide open again. It was Rudy, and he was huge. Despite the come already in my hole he was too big and I screamed as he forced it in.

There was no mercy. Mike, the centre, crammed his six-inch dick into my open mouth, which muffled my cries. Tears rolled down face, as I was now being double fucked. Rudy must have had nine fat inches in me already and there was still more! It felt as if I was being split in two. Rudy laughed," You love it, don't ya bitch!" he kept saying. I couldn't answer while trying my best to suck a cock with that salami up my ass. Despite my best efforts Rudy raped my butt furiously. The cum was enough lubrication to allow him to slide a foot in and a foot out. Meanwhile Mike's dick took my mind off of the pain somewhat as I bobbed my face up and down his thick shaft. Within a couple of minutes he grabbed the back of my head and blasted several shots of hot sticky cream down my throat. This time I swallowed it all. It was delicious.

He rolled off the bench and Tony took his place. Tony was amazing and had a beautiful, fat nine-inch cock. Despite the hammering I was taking from Rudy, I made slow love to Tony's wand with my tongue at his instruction. I licked his shaft, sucked on each of his bare balls, and licked around his asshole. At one particularly hard thrust by Rudy, my tongue impaled Tony's ass. While I was there I figured I might as well lick the inside of his rectum for him. He liked that and soon pushed the head of his hard cock into my mouth. I lustfully sucked on it, all the way up and down. About fifteen minutes after first starting on me Rudy was finally coming and shot what felt like a gallon of sperm inside of me. He pulled out of my sore ass that was left gapping.

Tony took his knob from my mouth, and went behind me. I was going to get fucked again! First, Rudy shoved his receding member into my face demanding a clean up. It was nasty, smelled funky, and was covered in jism. He crammed it into my mouth. I sucked the head clean, but he jammed all twelve inches down my throat for a total wash. I was shocked that I could deep throat all of it. He then thanked me and got up to leave. Tony meanwhile, was sampling Rudy's handy work on my ass. He said jokingly, "Hey Rude, you ruined him for the rest of us." He then put three fingers into my canyon hole and scooped out a handful of sperm. Tony then took the hand to my mouth and said, "Try this, its bum cum."

Everyone laughed hysterically as I opened wide to eat it all and lick his fingers clean. Tony got to work, fucking me. He was far gentler than the others and I was so loosened up that I felt no pain at all. In fact it was terrific. I loved it! Tony caressed my hips and back as he slowly made love to me. He even snaked his tongue into ear. It was heaven. I even found myself begging, "Please fuck me."

He rolled me over and began fucking me like a woman. Me knees were pinned back to my shoulders. As he fucked me, my cock was rubbing against his belly. After ten minutes or so, I came again all over our stomachs. He laughed and stepped up the tempo of our fuck. I could see he was ready to blow. Tony told me to open my mouth, which I figured meant he wanted to come there so I did. He shocked every one including me by kissing me full on the lips, and frenching me. Consider where my mouth had just been and all that went into it that was quite brave. I kissed him passionately as I felt him come inside my asshole. As his orgasm subsided, Tony slowly withdrew from me.

It was back to reality though, as Henry said, "enough of that shit", take Tony's place and proceeded to rape my ass hard. It wasn't as rough as Rudy's but he fucked me pretty raw. While he was doing this Trent put his dirty dick into my mouth for a blowjob.

They double fucked me, than together came all over my face. Mike wanted another blowjob and he came quickly down my throat again. I than had to blow Rudy, doing some great deep throat work. He splashed a huge load on my face too. Finally, Tony fucked me again. He stood me against the wall and slid it up my well-worn ass from behind. I couldn't stand on my own, so he held me up in his strong arms. He made love to me for what seemed an eternity. I asked him to come in my mouth.

He lowered me to the floor and stood in front of me with his erection staring at me. I took it into my mouth and sucked his orgasm out of his balls. I licked his genitals clean and slumped on the shower room floor after what had been a three-hour fuck- a- thon. Tony turned the shower on me as they all left to go home.

I had passed their initiation with flying colours and was welcomed to the starting line up. The football season was a success; Henry was even tougher on our opponents then he was on us making me glad that I was not on any of the other teams. He sent more players off on a stretcher than I can remember. Rudy broke some conference record for quarterback sacs as well. Our offence lead the conference in total yardage and I received rookie of the year honours for picking off fifteen passes. The best parts were the post-game parties. We would always have a big bash. Usually, Tony would excuse himself a bit early and ask me if I needed a ride home. This meant that when we got back to my room, Tony would be all over me. We would make out for a while before Tony would fuck my mouth and ass all night long with his nice, big, juicy, black cock. I never tired of feeling his cum inside of me.

That was a long time ago, but I will always remember that rookie season with fond memories. Today I am bisexual, have no hang-ups and am enjoying a successful football career. Many of my old teammates have gone on to successful football careers too. When you watch football on TV on Sunday, you never know if one of those players was in that shower room that day.

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