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My First Time

I had always been interested in boys. When I was younger I would treat myself to a little gay porn when my parents weren't around the computer. Needless to say I was caught a few times. This isn't the point of the story tho. It was only a few day until the big Halloween party at an older friends house. I just turned 18 so I knew it would be a blast.

Time to pick out a costume. Last minuet, but I fit myself into almost every one they had. Finally I found one that was everything I wanted. A nice pirate costume, black boots with red laces, a black and gold coat and white frilled shirt. Just like in the movies. Little did I know only a few days later I would be appointed full on bareback butt pirate.

I made my way to the party. It was everything I had hoped. Cute girls, cute boys, and lots of drinking and games. The night went on and I had gone in and out of a nice buzz. A friend called. He was having another little get together of his own down the road. Better judgment would tell me not to drive but it brings us to the next and most important part of the story.

I arrived at my friend Lance's house. Hauling some liquor I took from the other party I knocked and entered the back door. Upon coming into the living room I saw T.j. He was setting on the love seat not in a costume or dressed up at all. He took a few beers from me and I sat across the room from him.

I liked to set away because it gave me a chance to get a good look at him. He has the most gorgeous blue eyes and medium length black hair. His body tall and fit. When he lye down his hip bones would stick out, one of my biggest turn ons. I knew he had never had a boyfriend but was openly bi-curious. I had never told anyone about my male fantasies. We began to talk for a long while. As the night went on I grew tired. It was time I went to sleep.

-Or was it?

I had every intention of messing around with that boy. Maybe it was the alcohol, maybe I felt like it was time to just come out. Either way I announced I was going to bed and gave him a wink. He fallowed as planed. Up the stairs and into a bedroom. I had the silk pirate pants and a white shirt on, he was in pants and a t. We lay in darkness. He put an arm around me and we cuddled a bit closer. Face to face he pecked my lips with his. I returned the kiss with a longer one. And another and another until his shirt was off and I was making my way down his chest and stomach with soft ticklish kisses.

I undid his belt and slid off his pants. With his undies still on playfully I stroked his penis with my cheek and again with my lips. Wow I thought this is huge. I will admit I'm no 10 or 13 inches but his was every bit. And so think.

I played shy and came back up to kiss is neck and forehead. BACK DOWN I WENT. Tugging on the boxers I slipped his cock into my mouth. My taste buds busted and I began to drool. MmM. It tasted better than I had imagined. He was so hard. I forced it down the back of my throat and he gave a moan. I felt his hand on the back of my head, grabbing at my hair, thrusting this rod in and out, further down my throat.

Now I wish I had gotten up to lock the door. Lance entered the room and saw the two of us almost naked. He backed out slowly. �Why am I not surprised.� he laughed it off. We smiled.

What happened next was grouse but now that I think about it I am very proud of being the trooper I was that night.

To much beer and my first time sucking cock didn't mix. I threw up a little in my mouth, still sucking I swallowed it and continued on.

He moaned with pleasure. Was I really that good? I guess all the porn payed off? Anyhow he, being larger and much stronger than I flipped the position and began on me. Amazing I thought his head bobbed up and down on me.

Now it was time for the first anal sex I had experienced. It was huge. I began to lube his cock and my hole with spit. Down I sat on the massive dick. It stretched me so far. I winced in pain but took it. Moments passed before I was moaning with pleasure. It was more than I could handle. I slammed my self down on him. His cock going in and out of me. Ripping my ass. He pounded me as I came. It is unexplainable. The orgasm I had just had was... Better than any I had ever had my entire life. Look what I had been missing!

-We lay in bed for awhile. Silence. Holding each other.

Now the party had resigned. We put our clothes back on and joined the others. We talked for a bit laughing and carrying on but soon wen back to bed. Now in a different room with two beds and another person on one of them we cuddle. Asleep... I awaken to him caressing my ass. He kisses my nose. I jumped back on top of him, this time his cock slides in with ease. A slight moan from the both of us. �shh� you will wake Trevor I muttered. T.j laughed. He didn't care.

Again we fucked. His dick sliding in my newly gay ass. My dick rubbed his stomach as I sat on his cock. Up and down, in and out. I came again, quickly another orgasm pulsed through my body.

-Asleep... and awake again.

This time I lifted his legs and got in between. Missionary position I lubed his ass and my cock and stuck it in. He winced with pain and quickly yielded. I fucked his tight ass. I pounded him. The feeling intense and powerful. I came. Seconds later he did. I bent down and rubbed it on my face, eating some. He held me and I fell asleep for the last time that night.

We have been together for about 6 months now and I love him to death. I'm so glad he is mine and we came out together.

-I will always remember my first time.


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