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Broke Straight Boy, Glory Hole Whore

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Last month, the bank foreclosed on my home and I had nowhere to live other than the auto-shop garage I had inherited from my father last year after he died. The business had failed, so nothing was left other than the garage, full of tools, and the office, bathroom, and storage closet at the back. I had cleared out the office and closet and moved a mattress and space heater into the back. In the auto-shop I put a couple sofas and a TV where the cars would have been.

It wasn't an ideal living situation, but it was free and it worked for the time being.

Still, I was pretty isolated socially. The previous month, my girlfriend of five years had dumped me leaving me lonely, bored and hard-up pretty much all the time. I did manage to get a minimum wage job as a doorman at the strip bar across the street. But it didn't pay my debts and I was getting desperate for some extra cash. Simply put, I was in the dumps and getting pretty desperate.

So, when I decided to clear out the storage closet after work one day, something happened that made me sink to new depths. As I was clearing out all the auto parts and gear from the storage closet, I reached up to a top shelf where a large crow bar was placed. The weight of the thing surprised me and I lost control of it as I pulled it off the shelf. As my right hand lost a grip, it swung down by my side and as I attempted to stop its fall with my other hand, it swung down to the left and straight into the wall. It punched a hole straight through the wall into the office.

I pulled the rod out and assessed the damage. It was a sheetrock wall, but sturdy because of the wood supports on just one side (the office side). But the hole went straight through - about 3 inches diameter and at waist level. When I bent down, I could see straight through into the office.

The next day, I was at work at the front door of the strip club again. It was the usual set of customers: business men after work, college guys, and the regular batch of married guys slipping away from the wife and kids. As always, after a few drinks and a strip tease, some guys would ask me if I knew how to score a prostitute.

"Hey man, know where I can score a hooker around here?"

"No. Afraid not"

"Come on, man, there must be some way to get a blowjob around here. What about one of those porn stores with glory holes?

"Never heard of that."

"You know --where you can go into one of those booths and stick your dick in a hole in the wall to get it sucked."

"Still have never heard of it. But the nearest porn store is right next door."

"Alright I will check it out. Thanks."

I thought of the hole I accidentally knocked out of the closet wall in the auto-shop. Would that guy really pay a few bucks to watch some porn and get his cock sucked through a hole in the wall? How much would he dish out for it? Could I figure out a way to take that cash off his hands?

About 15 minutes passed and I saw the guy leave the porn store. He crossed in front of the strip joint parking lot to grab his parked car.

In a moment of what must have been pure insanity, I put my arm up and gestured for him to come over.

"Yeah." he said. He sounded disappointed. "No booths playing porn in that store. Guess I will have to keep looking."

"Well, I am not 100% sure, but uhh... Well, I might be able to work something out for you."

He looked up at me, but didn't say anything.

"Um ... Well, I am not supposed to say anything, but one of the girls - one of the strippers - well, she occasionally takes some after-hours business. You know ... under the table, on the quiet."

"Is she one of the pretty blonde ones?"

"I promised her I wouldn't say who she was to anyone, `cause the boss would kick her to the curb. But - you saw our girls - they are all hot, right?"

"Yeah, guess so. Yeah, alright. What the fuck, I am just looking for a blow - doesn't need to be anything special."

"Okay. Here is the deal. You see that old auto-shop over there? She gets off work at midnight tonight. At 12:30 she is going to be waiting for you in that garage. You press the bell. You get buzzed in. Just walk to the back." I was trying to be as matter-of-fact as possible.

"Okay man. What is she going to cost me?"

"How much were you going to put into one of those porno booths?"

"I don't know. five ...maybe ten dollars?"

"Well, this arrangement is pretty much the same thing. Ten dollars will do it."

"What do you mean `the arrangement is the same?'"

I paused. Then, gathering my nerves, I leant over toward him slightly and spoke more softly as if I was giving away a bit secret, "She will be on the other side of one of those holes in the wall you were talking about. When you get into the back, go into the storage closet. Drop your ten dollar bill, then your dick through the hole."

"Are you kidding me?"

"No, man. I am serious. Just promise me you will treat her with respect and not expect her to talk to you, come out and meet you. She gives blow-jobs - that's it. Once you finish up, just zip-up and leave."

"Um. Okay. How do I know you aren't setting me up for something dangerous?"

"Hey man. I understand if you are nervous and don't want to do it. That's cool. But, I don't fuck around - in fact, I shouldn't even be telling you this shit. And, hey, if something wacky does happen, you know where I work -- right here, just across the street."

Thoughts raced through my head: I probably shouldn't have said that last thing - in case he does look for me. Holy shit - what am I getting myself into? I thought for a moment about which of the girls would do it - but that was crazy. They would lose their jobs and so would I. I was going to have to do this myself - and keep it quiet.

It did not take long for the guy to decide. I saw him reach down to adjust his cock, which had stiffened, as he said, "Okay. Shit. This is a little weird, but I will do it. 12:30 buzzer at that garage across the street, right?"

"Yeah. That's right."

"Okay. That's not too long a wait. Goodnight."

"Uh huh," I said, trying to sound as uninterested and dismissive as possible.

I looked at my watch as he drove away. It was quarter to twelve. I suddenly felt panicked. What if I just imagined I had smashed that hole in? What if he doesn't show? But, that was the least of my worries, wasn't it? What if it didn't work? What if he figures me out?

I headed inside the club and told the boss I needed to leave work ten minutes early. Then, I darted across the street and into the auto-shop. When I walked into the office, the first thing I saw was my own men's underwear on the floor!

"Fuck!" I said aloud to myself.

I turned left and looked into the storage closet. I saw light from the bathroom coming through the hole.

"Oh Jesus fucking christ. What the fuck am I doing?"

I picked up everything off the office floor - all my clothes, any sign that I lived there -- or, more accurately, that a GUY lives there - and dumped them into the back room. I checked that it was pitch dark with the lights off in the closet. I checked that the bathroom door locked. I couldn't have him barging in on me in there! I went out front and checked that the bell worked. I propped open the office door and turned on the dim desk lamp in the office - just enough light so he will see where he is going. I also put on some music in the office, just enough to drown out any sounds I might make while sucking -- like a cough. In the auto-shop, there were only the overhead fluorescents; otherwise it was pitch black. So, I turned on the television and put in a porno - some gang bang flick where the girl gets slammed by 10 guys or something like that. Anything to convince this guy he is going to see a girl, not some desperate dude down on his luck who is looking for an easy buck!

My heart was racing. There were only ten minutes remaining before 12:30 and I was still freaking out. So, I took out a cheap bottle of whiskey and poured myself a glass. Five minutes later I had downed three glasses of whiskey but still wasn't feeling any more courageous about what was about to go down.

I decided to leave the whiskey out on the table in front of the porno on TV. The guy might be less suspicious if he is buzzed or drunk, I thought.

Then, I took the final step -- One that was about to change everything: I unlocked the front door and went back into the storage closet, turning off the lights and locking myself securely in. As I looked at the hole, I noticed that the floor was linoleum and hard on the knees, so I put down some towels to soften things up.

Just then, I hear the bell. My heart-beat races again. It feels like it might be in my throat. Then came a loud knock.

At that moment, I remembered I told him he would be buzzed in -- not something I can do while locked away in the storage closet! Maybe he will figure it out and enter, I thought. Or maybe not and all of this was for nothing. Then again, maybe that would be a good thing...

The music was too loud for me to hear anything - and I didn't dare head out there. So I waited.

About ten minutes passed and I thought it was all over. So I stood up off the floor to sit on the bottom of a nearby upside-down plastic bucket.

At that exact moment, a ten dollar bill, folded up, fell onto the floor. Holy fuck, I thought. He is still here. And now he wants a blow job.

I can push the ten dollars back through, if I don't want to do it, I thought. No, that would confuse and maybe anger him.

I can go out there as myself and tell him "she" decided not to go through with it. No, he would wonder why there is porn playing, whiskey out, and rock music with a dim light in the back by the hole - and why I -- the bouncer from across the street - am there

No way out. I was just going to have to do it. I was going to suck a dude's dick through a hole in the wall - on my knees on a dirty linoleum floor at the back of an auto-shop. Could I sink any lower?

Then, the light coming through the hole disappeared. Oh Jesus, the guy was pushing his dick through the wall.

I took three deep breaths and even though my heart was beating hard and fast in my chest, I got on my knees and put my hand out to grab the cock.

It felt weird to have a cock in my hand other than my own. This guy was very stiff already. And the cock wasn't small either. I held it in my hand for a few moments noticing it was warm and he made it throb every once in a while. Feeling it pulse in my hand reminded me that he was expecting something. Not only that - but he had waited and now paid for it - and I, myself, had promised him he would get what he wants. I had acted as my own pimp - and all because I wasn't making enough money to pay my bills.

The only way out of this is to suck it, I thought to myself. Just then I heard a knock - three times on the wall. Then, the cock throbbed in my hand twice. I was on the verge of panic and froze.

The guy pulled his cock out of my hand back through the wall. I heard him move and then his voice came through the hole - yes, the same voice of the guy I spoke to just an hour ago outside the strip joint. He was clearly leaning over with his lips in front of the hole.

"Hey. You. Look, I paid you ten bucks! That bouncer across the street told me ten bucks in the hole gets me a good smooth blowjob. So, you going to suck it or what? Put your mouth on it and get to work, bitch!"

Oh fuck, now the guy is angry. No more pussying around with this. Unless I wanted my face busted in, I better use my mouth to convince him I was the ten dollar whore he was promised.

The cock came back through the hole at me. It was right in my face. He knocked again on the wall. So, I did it. I leant forward with my mouth open and took his dick into my mouth. I pulled back and widened my mouth more, then took more of it.

I felt the cock pulse in my mouth again. Nervous that he might think I was not a chick, I dove down again, and started to bob back and forth on it. "I can't believe I am doing this" I thought. "Gotta convince him. Just get him off and he will be gone."

Right then, I started really going at it. I pictured the things my girlfriend used to do when giving me a blowjob and copied them. Twist my head as I am going down. Change the rhythm. Use a wet hand to combine a handjob with the blowjob. Pause to lick the head or slap the cock in my own face.

I could hear him moaning - muffled, but clear - through the wall. I even felt the wall shake a bit, so his knees must have been trembling. Right then, he knocked on the wall and pulled back again.

"Oh fuck" I thought, "He has figured out that I am a dude!" For a moment, I thought of running out the back door.

Right then, he pushed his dick fast back through the hole and right into my mouth. It caught me by surprise. He began to push it to the back of my mouth and just when I was about to pull back, I thought to myself "deep throat it. That will convince him." and I allowed him to push back into my mouth even further. Then, when he had his balls all the way up, pressed against the wall, I slowly pushed myself further down onto his dick. I tried to relax - and then took more. I paused again. The dick was clearly in my throat, but I didn't gag. I heard him bang on the wall again as he began to slowly thrust himself in and out of my throat. It was clear, now, he was banging in pleasure not suspicion. And, as he began to fuck my mouth faster, I knew what was coming. He kept fucking my mouth, faster and faster. I could hear his hips banging into the wall as he fucked the hole.

Then, suddenly, he thrust a few short times and burst cum into my mouth. I kept bobbing my head back and forth as his dick pulsated and dumped jizz into my mouth. One squirt went straight to the back of my throat and I almost gagged - but stopped myself.

Then, he slowly began to pull his cock out of the hole. I heard him rustling around his clothes. His belt buckle clanged. Then, his voice again, "Give this to your pimp across the street and tell him I said thanks." A five dollar bill fell through the hole. "Oh, and the porn and whiskey. Nice touch."

I saw his shadow through the hole walk through the office. I hopped in the shower and cleaned off the mess. It was over. I can't believe I just did that. And for fifteen bucks. What the fuck is wrong with me? Am I really that desperate for cash?

Well, 15 bucks will get me at least a days worth of food, I thought. It didn't kill me to set aside my dignity just this once.

Compared to everything else that I have had to go through recently, it really wasn't that bad. As long as no one finds out, right?


For the next couple weeks, I had decided to forget that it ever happened. I worried that the guys at the strip joint might find out. But the days passed without any change in my work life.

Then, a week or two later at 11:30PM when I was outside the club at the door, a car pulled up and its window rolled down. Oh shit, it was the same. guy. I tried to pretend that I did not remember him.

He called out, "Hey, can I talk to you for a minute?"

I thought for a moment I was discovered but decided my best chances are to pretend that he is full of shit.

I came up to the car and leaned over slightly, "Can I help you, sir?"

"Oh. I thought you might remember me. I, uhh. I uhh... I talked to you two weeks ago after leaving the club and you set me up for ten bucks across the street. Do you remember that?"

"Um. Well, I talk to lots of customers coming and going from here, so...." I blustered.

He looked nervous. "Oh. Well I sent you a tip for your help. I know it wasn't much, but a small token of appreciation, you know? She was..." He lowered his voice a little. "She was fucking amazing."

"Mm hm." I nodded, pretending to ignore him.

It was just then that I noticed there was another guy in the passenger seat and three squeezed in the back seat. These guys were either out to party or hurt someone.

"So, tell me, man. Do you set that chick up with lots of guys?"

I just looked back at him, trying to look intimidating.

"Um. Well, maybe I shouldn't be asking, but I told my buddies here about it and they all want to try it out, so... so, what do you think."

I paused, wondering if I was in for trouble. I looked at the guy right in the eye, trying to figure him out. Was he serious?

"Okay. Sorry, I guess I shouldn't be asking. I know your boss can't find out about it. Tell you what. I will give you my business card. If you can arrange it tonight, call my cell and let me know. There are five of us this time. If the game is over, that's cool. Just toss my card in the trash and I will never mention it again"

I paused. "Okay. Give me your card. I will think about it."

He handed me his card and looked right at me. "Don't worry man. You can trust me not to spoil the fun."

The car pulled away as I began to think about the offer. Is he trying to trap me? No, something about his way of talking to me seemed like he was trying to convince me, like he thought he had the weaker hand and had to persuade me to talk to the "girl."

Why would it be worth doing again. I was so freaked out last time and fifteen bucks isn't much. But then, I thought, fifteen times five is seventy five. Seventy five bucks. That would at least pay my electric bill for the month. Maybe that might be worth it?

I looked at the business card. "James Pederson, corporate accounts, Western Civic Bank." That is pretty revealing, I thought. I doubt he would give me this kind of card if he was just planning on kicking my ass. I saw a telephone number on the back of the card. I took my cell phone out and dialed the number.

"Hello?" The voice on the other end was beginning to sound very familiar.

I tried my best to speak with complete confidence. "Okay man. She says she will do it. But it will cost you a bit more this time and you have to promise me to keep it quiet."

"Great, man. Thanks. How much?"

"20 bucks each. Same deal as last time. Except, she told me the buzzer doesn't work, so the door will just be unlocked at the time you schedule to be there. You can all hang out in the front room while you wait your turn, but once you are all done, you have to go right away."

"Sounds good to me. What time?"

"Twelve thirty again"

"Okay. It's on. Thanks man."

"No prob. Enjoy."

So it was on - again. At least this time I would know what I was doing - and $100 for a little self-debasement which no one would ever know about. I did not look forward to it, but things could be worse.

So, I left work at midnight again - this time saying goodbye to the boss as if nothing were going on at all. And I headed straight across the street, setting things up the same as last time. Dim light. Porn on TV. Music on in office. Cheap beer on the table. Towels on closet floor. Lights out in bathroom. Front door unlocked. Bathroom door locked.

I looked at my watch. 12:25. Just enough time to grab a beer and get ready. I sat on the bucket in the closet, twist the cap off, and took a big swig.

A minute later I hear voices over the music. I could hear guys laughing. Were these the same guys? They sounded like drunken frat boys - hooting and hollering at each other. I turned and checked that the closet door was still locked. It was.

Then I hear a voice in the office "James. James! Where is it? Is it in here?"

"Yeah, Bobby, you moron. In the back. Look - its right in there." The voices got louder and closer.

"Holy shit dude! That is fucking nuts. You telling me one of the strippers is behind that hole giving out blow jobs to whoever wants one?"

"Yeah, dude. How many times do I have to tell you. See, it's for real. No bullshit. Now, you going to get some head or not?"

"Fuck dude. I don't know. Let's go sit down and have a beer, watch some porn first. Or are we paying by the hour?"

"Nah, the fee is per blowjob. Cool, man. Let's check out the porno."

Their shadows moved out to the other room. I stayed on my knees looking through the hole.

A few minutes later, I didn't hear them hooting and laughing anymore. They were either gone or getting really into the porno. I just needed to wait a bit longer.

About 20 minutes passed when I finally saw two shadows in the office through the hole again. I could just make out the voices.

"Yeah, dude, seeing that porno chick get slammed has been hard as a fucking rock. Definitely going to use this hole in the wall and get my dick sucked. So, what do I do?"

The other guy laughed at his honesty. "Cool man. You got your twenty dollar bill?"


"Okay. Fold it up."

"Okay, yeah?"

"Now, go in there and put it through the hole"

"Okay. . .". The guy walked into the closet and a 20 bill fell onto the bathroom floor in front of me.

"Alright. Now just get comfortable. Whatever you need to do. Dick out the fly, pants around your ankles, shirt off, butt naked - whatever you want."

I saw a shadow lift up arms and his shirt came off over his head. "Yeah. Okay, and what? Just stick my dick through there and that's it?"

"Yeah that's it. The cocksucking bitch does the rest." They both laughed.

The guy in front of the hole pulled down his zipper and grabbed his dick. "Alright dude. I am doing it."

I saw his dick push through the hole and I immediately opened my mouth and went down on it. No procrastinating this time. Five paying customers this time, so the sooner I get it done, the faster I get my money.

The guy almost immediately began thrusting his hips to and from the wall, slowly fucking my face.

I could still hear him talking to his buddy. "Fuck, James. You weren't kidding. There's a whore with a good mouth in there. Mmmm."

They were talking loudly to each other, presumably across the room.

"Good, bro. Best 20 bucks spent tonight, right?"

"Hell yeaaah."

"Look at you - fucking her face."

"She gets what she deserves."

"Yeah! Fuck her face, bro."

I felt him banging his hips into the wall as his dick slammed in and out of my mouth.

"So, is this where the action is at?" a third voice had come into the office area.

"Yeah, man. Check it out. Brian is letting her have it."

The new arrival was laughing. "Holy shit dude! Brian is fucking a wall!"

"Shut up dude. It's fucking good. You'll be doing the same thing in a minute."

The new guy responded, "Alright, bud. Well, let me check it out. I am coming in there."

"Yeah yeah, okay. Just don't get too close. No getting gay with me."

"Fuck you, dude. I just want to see what this shit is all about."

"It is about our dicks, this hole and, some cock-sucking bitch that you don't even need to talk to."

The whole time they were talking, he continued to fuck my open mouth through the hole. I tried very hard not to make a sound, even as his thrusting became more and more aggressive.

"Nice, man. It must be good, if she's got your dick that hard... Alright let me try it out."

"Wait, man. I just need a few more...seconds to bust my nut."

"Yeah, dude. Give it to the bitch."

"Fuck yeah. Here it comes!" He was moaning loudly and fucking the wall very quickly. The thumping of his hips and knees against the wall got louder when I suddenly felt his cum in my mouth. The cock was tensing itself up -- convulsing. He jammed it straight back into my mouth, pushing some of the cum into my throat. I nearly gagged but managed to suppress it.

Just then another 20 dollar bill and another cock came through the hole. I had hardly had a second to catch my breath. I managed to gulp down the cum in my mouth in two swallows and took a couple deep breaths to get ready for the next.

"You are in for a good ride, man." I heard along with the clang of a metal belt buckle.

The next cock came through the hole. It was bigger than the first, so I had to stretch my mouth a bit wider. My mouth and lips were already moist, so it slid right in. As I began to move my head back and forth of the cock, I could hear the guy on the other side of the wall begin to moan. The other guys' voice seemed to move back out to the shop, now.

This guy didn't try to fuck my face through the hole. Instead, he just kept his dick pressed all the way through and let me do my own thing. As I changed the rhythm of sucking and repositioned the angle of my head, I could feel him get more and more excited. His dick would jerk and I would feel the head of his dick engorge, pressing itself into my throat.

After five minutes, he slowly pulled his cock out. I thought maybe he decided not to cum, but then I realized he was bending down to talk through the hole at me.

"You are good at that, baby" he said. He had a deep voice and a Texan accent that sounded calm and menacing. He went on, "I bet you suck 10, 15 cocks a day, here. Hell I wouldn't be surprised if ye took 50, cause you suck it good and its only a true whore can suck dick that good ... Unless of course, you ain't a girl at all. But, I know that ain't the case `cause my buddies know you are from that strip joint cross the road there. So, tell you what. If you like my dick as much as it feels like you like it, come say hello to me next time I am in the strip club. I will give you an extra special tip, if you know what I mean."

I wondered if was ever going to stop talking and get on with it, but at least all his gab was giving my sore jaw a rest.

"Now, I am going to put my dick back in this here hole and if want to know how good a tipper I am, you are going to suck it REAL good. The better it feels, the more money you get."

With that, he finally stood back up and pushed his dick back through. It was still solid as a rock. I wondered how much more money I could make and decided to act like I really loved sucking his dick. I immediately dove back down onto it and started sucking it. Only three times bobbing on it and I heard him let out the loudest moan I had heard yet.

"Mmmm. Damn, that is good."

I decided that was a good time to deep throat it, so I pulled my head all the way off, keeping the dick in the palm of my right hand and then very slowly began to take the head and the shaft into my mouth. I paused for a moment, opened wider and tried to relax. Then I took it into my throat without gagging for it.

"Oh FUCK! Take it, bitch" I meard him say, "Take the whole cock, you dirty fucking whore. You want more money slut?! Huh?!"

I repeated the whole attempt, pulling all the way off and slowly going down on it again. This time I kept it down in my throat and moved back and forth on it, keeping it down there.

"Oh jesus, you white trash bitch. You like dick as much as you like money? Earn it, whore! Earn it!" His moans were increasingly loud and obscene.

Then, he shout out, "I am gonna cum. You are gonna make me cum, you fuck... you desperate fuck!"

At this point I went back to sucking him off in the front of my mouth. He thrust a few times and then, I heard him punch the wall - I mean really punch it - as my mouth was filled with what seemed like endless amounts of jizz.

I heard the other guys cheer from the front of the building. "Go, Billy, go!' Woo hooo!"

I swallowed most of the cum - but there was so much that some dripped out of my mouth onto the floor. I was ashamed of myself. Somehow that made me feel dirty more than anything else up to this point. I wondered if I really had become the trashy whore desperate for cash that this guy thought I was, even if I was a guy.

As I caught my breath, I saw the guy zip up, tucking his still hard cock into his jeans. I watched him fasten his belt shut. Would he talk to all girls like that? Probably not, I thought. No, just the desperate skank he thinks I am.

I saw his shadow dip downward again, and then his voice came through again right at my face which was still placed near the hole, just inches away, "Here is another ten for being such a good little slut." He was laughing -- laughing at me. The money dropped through as I reached to my side to take a swig of my beer. Then I saw his shadow leave the office.

"How was it?" I heard in the distance.

"Very good head -- and she likes being treated like shit. Who knew a hole in the wall could be so much fun."

"Joey, you are next! Get your hand out of your pants and get in there!"

"Wait guys, I need to have a piss first. Where is the bathroom?"

I saw him stumble into the office, probably a little drunk. Then, the door to the bathroom closed. I realized at that moment that I hadn't even thought about the bathroom. I hoped there was nothing revealing in there.

About a minute later, the bathroom door opened. Then, I hear Joey's drunken voice again, "Hey guys. Guys! What is up ... What's up with the dude clothes in the bathroom?"

Fuck, I panicked. I was caught!

But, then I heard the voices from the front again, "She is a WHORE, Joey. What do you expect? It's probably from one of the fifty other guys she has sucked off today. What are you jealous?" There was laughter at Joey's expense.

Joey said, "Shut up guys, I am just saying: why would . . . oh nevermind..."

With that, I saw him come towards the hole. He was muttering to himself sarcastically, "Jealous. Yeah right. Looking to bust a nut, not propose marriage to a hole in the wall."

He took off his shirt and I could make out that he was in great shape with muscled arms and a six pack. He had a couple tattoos on his chest which looked like the kind army guys often get. I watched him silently as he pulled off his belt and let his pants drop down to the floor. He reminded me of one of my old gym buddies, somehow -- but I wasn't sure. It had been a while since I could afford going there.

Then, I saw him snap his stiff cock out of his underwear. He bent over pushing his underwear to his ankles as well. I got the impression he knew I was watching him as I waited. He looked like he was trying to be menacing. He held his hard dick in his right hand and started waving it up and down smacking it into the palm of his other hand, making a loud smacking sound. Then, with his pants and underwear still around his ankles he took several small steps toward the wall. In a tone of voice that sounded like he was still talking to himself, he said, "Now. My turn to get some good head. About damn time." As he said this, the cock pushed through the hole into my open mouth.

I repositioned myself to take the third dick into my mouth. It was getting easier each time. I was beginning to see that each guy liked it sucked differently, so I tried to read signs from the guy that what I was doing was getting him off.

It was a strategy that would pay off shortly. After several minutes - maybe as many as five full minutes trying everything from deep throat to playing with the head in my mouth, I did not get the feeling that this guy was any more excited than before. He was definitely enjoying the blowjob (he remained hard the whole time, never budged and let out the occasional moan), but I was still looking for the right technique.

Then, I hit the jackpot. I managed to get my hand wet with spit as I sucked and decided to hold his dick in my hand while I continued to suck it. This shifted into using both my hand and mouth together to take care of his dick.

At that point, I heard him gasp and let out a "Holy shit. Oh my god, that's good."

>From that point on, he was talking through the wall almost constantly.

"Oh yeah, keep doing that."

"Suck it."

"Keep it like that."

"Suck that dick."

"Yeah, go for it."

I could feel that his whole body was tensing up.

>From that point, he lasted only another thirty seconds or so. The instructions he was moaning out were getting more and more intense.

He shot his load partly into my hand, partly straight into my open mouth. As I took his cock back into my mouth, I took it all the way in. He had a couple more spurts of jizz which hit the back of my throat. Then, I let him push them down my throat with his dick.

When he finished, I decided not to pull off his dick, but I let it sit in my mouth and waited for him to pull himself out. After a little while he slowly pulled back as I kept my mouth on it. I heard him gasp. It was a gasp familiar to me -- every guy knows that feeling of being overstimulated and sensitive after cumming. I laughed silently to myself. Little does he know that his cocksucker knows exactly what he is feeling right now.

Eventually, he managed to pull his dick out.

He leant over, pulled up his underwear and pants and grabbed his shirt and threw it over one shoulder. Without saying a word, he walked shirtless back into the front room.

I heard beer bottles clang together in the distance - in that familiar way they do in a congratulatory toast. Clearly these guys were enjoying themselves. The cheap beer was definitely paying off as a good investment.

It was a while longer before anyone else came to use the hole. I listened to them talk about football, girls, and the porn they were watching. It was pretty clear that I -- or, at least, the hole in the wall - had become something like the side entertainment at a party. These guys did not care in the slightest who I was, how long I was trapped in this small closet space, whether I was tired or hungry, if I wanted or needed a break. They really didn't give a shit, as long as I stayed put and was ready to suck their dicks when they wanted it. And, of course, they didn't care as long as they still believed I was a girl.

Even if I wanted to or needed to, there so escape from this closet until they decided they are finished with me.

So I sat there on the floor and leaned against the wall. I sensed that my chest was wet with drool and cum. I thought for a moment how pitiful and disgusting I must look. But, I was resigned to the situation. There was just no way out.

A while later, I looked toward the hole to see two of them walking together into the office.

"I don't know about you, man. But I need a piss." I recognized the voice as James - the first guy, the one who had started all this in the first place.

"Nah" said the other one, "I am back here for another reason." This was the fifth guy whose dick I hadn't met yet. I looked through to get a glimpse of what was coming next.

Both of them were shirtless and had their pants unbuttoned and unzipped. They must have been feeling themselves up while watching the porno - maybe even jacking off to get warmed up.

I heard voices from the front. The other three guys were saying goodbye.

I heard in the distance, the Texan calling out, "Tell that bitch I am coming back for more. She better not be planning to head anywhere."

"Yeah, we should just lock her in there permanently and feed her food and water through the hole once in a while," joked Brian. I heard their laughter fade off.

"Okay. See ya," said the guy who was standing across the office looking at the gloryhole and rubbing his cock through his underwear.

Then, I could just make out the sound of the front door shutting.

As soon as they were gone, the guy lined up next pulled his boxer briefs over his cock and hooked the elastic under his balls. I looked at his cock for a while as he stood there, jerking it slowly. It looked huge - definitely the biggest in the group. But, I didn't worry about being able to take it anymore. By this point, I knew what I was doing.

He took a few steps toward the hole, then stopped and held his dick a half inch from the hole opening. As he jerked himself, I heard him reach into his pocket. He put his twenty bucks through, then I held my mouth open up against the hole.

I kept my lips which were planted around the edge of the hole. I couldn't see a thing, but knew that he would be able to see my open mouth, waiting for him to get his money's worth. But instead of his dick, I felt his finger enter my mouth. I closed my mouth and sucked on it like it was a dick. This is easy, I thought. He kept on probing the inside of my mouth with his finger, then swiftly pulled it out and replaced it with his massive dick.

As I sucked it, he would occasionally slide his finger in my mouth alongside his dick. This definitely was stretching my mouth to its limit -- and I guessed that was exactly the point. This went on for a while. He took a few short breaks to slowly fuck my face. But, every time he did, his finger would find its way back next to his dick.

Then, suddenly, he pulls his dick out while leaving his finger in place. He is fingering my mouth like it is a pussy he is about to fuck, I thought. Then, I feel something wet next to his finger. I realize it is his tongue and he wants to kiss me through the hole.

This makes me nervous, but I remind myself that he can't see that I am a guy, as long as I keep my lips on my side of the hole. So I open up, lean in, and stick my tonigue into his mouth. I feel him moan into my open mouth as his tongue invades me.

A squeak and clicking sound comes through the office. It is the bathroom door open. I had forgotten James was in there.

"What are you doing, bud? You are supposed to be getting your dick sucked."

"Hey man, you are just in a rush for me to finish, so that you can have your way with the slut," he said, "I am just test driving her mouth first before I give her the whole nine yards." I imagined him shaking his dick threateningly as he used that phrase.

And with that I feel his mouth plunge back into mine.

"Is it good?" the other asks.

"A bit unusual with the wall in the way, but it feels nice." He paused to put his tongue back for a moment more. Then he said to his buddy, "You should try it, man. Come here."

"Alright. Is it her pussy or her mouth?" asked James.

"Her mouth," he said, "I don't think she is offering her pussy. Besides I think that would cost more."

He made a little room for James in front of the hole, but stayed nearby squatting and looking straight at me through the hole. I was glad the closet was 100% dark. James got right next to him, squatted down and tried to look through the hole. He even put his eye right up to it.

"Can you see anything?" the other one asked.

"No. Too dark -- but that makes it kind of hot, doesn't it?" James replied.

"Stick your tongue out and move it into the hole. See what you feel in there."

As James slowly approached, I placed my mouth back to the hole. His tongue entered me, hesitating slightly. Then he thrust his lips and tongue at the hole making me kiss him.

"There you go, bud," said his friend.

"Mmm." I felt his moan vibrate in my mouth.

"Makes you want to fuck that mouth, doesn't it?"

He pulled back, "Definitely, man. I don't know about you, but I am hard up right now."

"Yeah, my dick has been stiff like this for a while. It needs relief right away."

"Well dude, in that case, do you want to take turns using this bitch?"

"Um. Well, I was going to do it on my own, but fuck it, I'm not going to make you wait. We're the last two guys anyways. Just put your money in there and let's do this."

Some more money came through the hole. I picked it up while watching them stand up. Then one of them pushed his dick into my face. I couldn't tell which one it was. But it really didn't matter.

As I was busy milking their cocks, I heard them continue a running conversation about what they were doing.

"Not bad, right?"

"Yeah, fucking HOT is what it is."

A couple minutes later: "Here man. You go."

They switched places.

"Dude, tell her how you like it sucked."

"What is her name?"

"Fuck if I know. Just call her whore or bitch or something like that. What did Billy call her? Dirty cocksucking skanky slut?"

"Yeah something like that and, oh man, that's what she is."

"How do you want her to suck it?"

"I like it teased slow and sucked hard."

"Hey bitch. Suck my bud's cock slow and hard . . . and tease it with that mouth."

I did what they ordered me to do, slowing down and sucking it with a occasional changes in tempo and pauses to stop sucking. When I did this, the cock bounced in anticipation of more.

"Oh yeah, that is good. Nice one."

"Glad you like it."

"Dude, this is the best whore I have had in a long time."

They switched places again. The next cock popped through the hole. I had my mouth open and waiting. Then, I kept on silently sucking.

"Fuck, that's good!"

"Yeah man, make her suck it."

For the next half-hour, the two guys would take turns sticking their cocks into the glory hole. One would stick his in for a while, then pull back and the other would put his into the hole. I began to sense that they were enjoying themselves so much they wanted to hold off on cumming as long as possible.

Then, there was a pause with no dick in the hole for a minute or two. I looked through the hole and saw them facing each other. They were now completely naked.

"Check it out dude, look how hard I am." It was James talking.

"Yeah me too. Check it," his buddy replied.

"Damn dude. Yours sticks straight up. You must hurt the girls with that thing too. Too damn big!"

"Yeah, they are hurting for more." He chuckled at the joke. "Yours isn't exactly small either. It looks thicker than mine as well."

"Maybe. I don't know."

There was an uncomfortable pause in their conversation.

"Well . . . you can touch it and see," James's buddy blurted out.

"What?" said James, clearly surprised by the suggestion.

"I said, touch it and see for yourself. Compare its thickness to yours. No big deal."

"I don't know, man. That sounds kind of gay." James sounded very skeptical.

"Shut up, dude. We are here getting sucked off by a chick. Nothing gay about it! Man, I am not asking you to put my dick in your ass or anything." He laughed.

"Well, um, yeah. Guess it is cool as long as we are putting our dicks into the whore to get off." James didn't sound entirely convinced, but he reached over, slowly. Then, his hand closed in and wrapped around his buddy's shaft.

"Grab it like you are making a fist... Yeah, that's better. Now take your hand off without opening it and see if you can slide your cock into it."

I saw James try to grab his own dick in this way, but it did not seem to fit in.

"Dude, I guess I am thicker than you. It doesn't fit," he said.

"What? No. I don't believe you!"

James replied, "Hey man, sorry - you told me to do it."

"I am going to try for myself."

James looked very suspicious at this suggestion and he pulled back a bit when his buddy reach over towards his crotch.

"Oh man, you dick is all slick."

James scoffed at this statement. "It is the girl's spit on there."

"Yeah her mouth is almost as wet as a good pussy. It is so easy to slide right into."

As he said this, his hand unconsciously glided down onto James' dick.

"Uhh" James moaned softly responding to the familiar motion.

"You getting off on my hand, man?" he cackled.

"Umm, uh sorry. Wasn't expecting..."

But then, laughing at the idea of provoking him, I saw him slide his hand back up and down on James' dick -- first in a jerky way that appeared to be joking, then smoothly, like he was jerking himself off.

"Whoh, dude. That's... " James laughed uncomfortably.

"Feels good?"

"Yeah. It does."

"Grab my dick."

"No, dude."

"C'mon just grab it."

James hesitated for what seemed like a long time, but eventually reached over and wrapped his buddy's cock in the palm of his hand as well.

"That's it. Now jerk it."

"Dude, I..."

"Don't worry. Just do it a little."

I watched them as they slid their hands up and down each other's shaft. They kept doing this for a few minutes. Then, after a while, he pulled James' hand off his cock, grabbed his bud's cock firmly, and with his other hand turned him forcefully to face the gloryhole.

"Good job, bro." he said, "But, you are getting a bit dry down there. Time to get you lubed up and sucked off. Let's get the cum out of this cock." And with that, he pushed him forcefully toward the hole in the wall, and used his hand to guide his cock into it.

My mouth was already planted there waiting. I immediately started sucking it.

James started moaning in pleasure almost right away.

"Oh my god, that feels good."

His buddy kept goading him on. "You like that don't you."

Their voices sounded like they were right on top of each other.

"Oh man. She is so fucking Good."

"Yeah, that's it, man. We are going to get you off. Make her take your cum."

He was moaning loudly as I moved my mouth over his cock rapidly and firmly.

James began to move back as if he was going to trade spots with his friend.

"No." his buddy stopped him. "You aren't moving until you spunk right into her whore mouth. I am staying right here, pinning you up into this wall till you shoot your cum. Don't fucking argue with me about it either."

"Fuck, dude. Uhhhhh! I can't... I can't..."

"Yes you can. Now, grab my dick and keep me hard while I wait my turn. Fair is fair."

"Okay." James muttered, "Okay." He struggled to speak between his wildly erratic breaths, "I am jerking it."

"Yeah, that's it. A bit faster. Yeah, just like that. Keep it just like that. See that's not so bad is it. Now focus on that whore's wet mouth. She's such a dirty little cunt, she sucked off all your friends and she's not going to stop until she swallows yours too."

"oh fuck yeah. Dirty bitch." James moaned out.

"Is she doing what you want her to?"

"Fuck yeah. Suck my dick, slut. Suck it. Suck it!"

"Tell me what she is doing."

"She is... She's got it all the way into her throat and jerking me off with her throat. It's so fuckin hot."

"Yeah, man. You know its hot. Now, jerk me harder. Yeah that's right. You going to force your jizz down that slut's throat?"

"Oh my god yeah."

"Yeah, buddy. Treat her mouth like it's a cunt."

"Yeah man."

I made sure to keep moving my mouth over his cock. I felt the cock twitch in my throat.

"Spit on your hand."

I heard James clear his throat and spit loudly.

"Yeah, that's it. Now, stroke my cock harder. Oh yeah, jerk it with your wet hand. Jerk it. That's so nice."

"Fuck! Fuck!" James screamed as he started pumping my face with his dick. "Fuck, I am going to shoot, bro! I'm gonna shoot!"

"Give it to her! Give it to the cunt!"

Seconds later I felt cum fill my mouth and drip down my throat.

"Jesus Christ!"

"You shooting your load?"

"Yeah dude, I'm Cumming!"

"Do it. Do it, buddy."

James let out a loud "Uhhhhmmmm" as one final huge squirt of cum came out of his dick.

I immediately pulled off his dick, and tried to catch my breath. But before I could even inhale I hear the other guy take over.

"Move over, I need to shoot my load." the guy said. I could tell from his tensed up voice that he was already on the verge of orgasm, so I quickly leant over to put my face in front of the hole and his dick slammed right into my mouth. He pumped his dick very hard and very quickly into me several times and let out a roaring moan.

With James' cum still in my mouth, I felt even more cum flow into me. I tried to swallow some of it, but it was already dripping out of my mouth onto my legs. The cum seemed to be endless. Every time I managed to swallow some, he moaned again bursting more out his dick.

Eventually, he quieted down, stopped ramming his cock and cum into my face. Everything went quiet. He pulled his dick out so quickly it made a popping sound as it left my lips.

"Wow. Wow. Fucking amazing."

James had already dressed himself and was ready to leave. "Let's go, bro. I gotta get some sleep."

And, with that, they vanished.

I was exhausted and filthy. When I turned the light on, I could see that there was cum all over the place - and all over me.

Yes, I WAS the dirty whore they thought I was. Or, at least, I had become one that night. There was no denying that. I felt a pit of self-pitying guilt in my stomach. "So fucking disgusting," I muttered to myself.

I looked at the money I had made. I thought of how silently I took all their insults and how easy it was for them to offer me money to get me to be, basically, their cunt for the night.

But, I looked at the money again. In an hour, I made as much as I normally make over a full eight hours as a strip club bouncer.

I thought to myself, I guess this is why prostitutes do it: the money is not that bad. I imagined one of the street hookers I've seen nearby and wondered if she would do what I just did for the same amount of cash. I pictured her sucking cock after cock at this gloryhole having the guys call her a whore, a slut, a dirty cocksucking bitch. The idea made me horny, and almost without realizing it, I started jerking myself off.

I pictured endless numbers of guys paying her and feeding her their dicks, forcing her to take it. I pictured the guys lined up around the corner with hard cocks ready to go, and her telling every one of them how much she wanted it.

I reached over the floor and ran my hand through a puddle of the five guys' cum. Then placed it back on my dick, wrapping my hand around it. I went back to jerking off. It felt incredible

I imagined this gloryhole hooker more. She was a filthy little bitch, she knew it, and she enjoyed it. I pictured myself using the gloryhole myself, having her sloppy cum-filled mouth go down on my dick and me fucking her through the hole, telling her how much she likes it. I imagined crowds of other guys cheering me on and her gagging for more. I imagined myself shooting huge quantities of cum straight down her throat.

And, at that thought, I jerked my cock very hard, making it shoot cum in several long spurts half-way across the room. I was panting and moaning and on the verge of crying in pleasure.

That night, as I went to bed, I couldn't get these fantasies out of my head. I thought about it endlessly until I finally decided that as long as if it was safe, I was going to keep this for-pay gloryhole in place. Those guys might want to come back again and with some adjustments I might even be able to get other guys to pony up and ride the gloryhole for twenty bucks a pop.

With that decision in place, I finally fell asleep.

The next day, I woke to see a note on the table by the couches and television. One of the guys from last night had written, "Will want more and can bring lots of friends. Email us." There was an AOL email address written below that. I folded the paper and put it in my pocket.

I realized then, that sucking dicks behind that wall was going to be my new job. I wouldn't be rich, but I could earn $80-100 an hour - much better than my minimum wage gig across the street. The life-changing decision was made.

I went into work and quit. As a cover story, I told them my girlfriend was moving in and I would be living off of her income.

Then, I decided to make some improvements to the set-up. I put in a handle-bar over the place where guys got their blow jobs, so they had something to hold onto. I also wired the doorbell at the front door to an electronic buzzer to let in my customers.

I bought porn magazines for the front room and put out a selection of porn videos for the customers to choose from.

I cleared the bathroom of everything personal.

I also moved my mattress and things all into the closet where I did the sucking and bought some deadbolts for that door to keep me safe. This would become my living space, with the rest of the auto-shop reserved for customers -- split into the front waiting room and the back service room.

Then, I strategized on ways to spread the word and market this service. I made up business cards which had an email address and the words:

"Cindy's Hole in the Wall Cumplete Oral Service, every night of the week. 5PM-2AM."

I printed advertisements saying the same thing in adult services sections of newspapers - and put similar information everywhere I could online along with photographs of the building, waiting room, gloryhole, and "Cindy."

I then travelled everywhere I could think of around town, leaving business cards out: in adult bookstores, in strip club bathrooms, in public men's rooms and shopping mall restrooms. I even went to college campuses and put cards on communal bulletin boards alongside the advertisements for tutors and study abroad programs. I decided I would have to do this regularly for it to pay off.

I set up the email account to send out an auto-reply email with a photo of a blond porno starlet with big tits, the address and the rules. Everyone who emailed in response to the ads would instantly get this information:

"Must be 18 years of age. Ring bell and enter through the front door. Hang out in the main room and wait your turn. Porn and beer provided. The glory hole is in the back office. When you are ready for your blow job (no rush!), put the money in the hole and then stick your cock through. 20 bucks gets your cock sucked for 15 minutes. If you want more, you must pay more. You may NOT ask to see me. You may NOT fuck my pussy or touch my tits through the hole BLOWJOBS only. You may NOT be impolite or rude to me or the other customers."

Everything was set and ready to go.

As the end of the first day approached, I checked the email account. Thirty-six messages had already come in - and automatic replies sent out. I did the math. That's $720 in one night - and there could be twice as many emails for the address before the whole night is through.

I hit the lights and locked myself in. I knew it was going to be a busy night.

Did this make me the dirty cocksucking whore those men told me I was? Yeah, probably so - but at least I was guy which they didn't know - and that made them fools.

Better yet, as I thought about the endless stream of cocks and cash that were about to come flooding through that door, I knew that in a couple months I would finally be out of debt and back on my feet.

And then at 5PM sharp I saw the first twenty dollar bill drop through that hole in the wall . . . and got to work.

That night I sucked 79 dicks -- a number I knew only when counting my profits at the end of the night. Since then, the average is about 40 dicks daily. Many of them are regulars. Alot of them are married (I see their wedding ring before they poke their dick through). I have had a bachelor party or two; and groups of frat boys from time to time. I have even had cops stop by to use the hole -- which explains partly why I haven't been arrested for prostitution.

I figure, by this point, most of the city knows about the "gloryhole whore."

So, last month, even though I am officially out of debt, I decided to make the hole open 24 hours 6 days a week.

I eat, sleep, and live in the closet, only leaving to use the bathroom and to stock up on food once a week. Otherwise, I am always there - ready to suck and serve.

I think I may have even begun to enjoy it.

The End

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