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WEEKEND AT THE BEACH - 24/06/2011 - Around Labor Day weekend, Tom and I decided to go to Bristol for the weekend, but decided to have friends come with us. I talked with Pat to see if he wanted to come along. He said he would and hoped that there would be more fun. He also suggested that...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME - 20/06/2011 - September 18th. The anniversary of my birth. I would be spending my 20th birthday in England, but this one would be special. Though it was supposed to be a surprise, my friends would be taking me out to dinner and a small party. I got wind of it and smiled on what was to happen...
AIR FORCE FUN - 19/06/2011 - I was lucky for my first duty assignment to be in England after basic training and technical school. Though I grew up an Air Force brat, we were not lucky enough to be overseas. When I saw my first duty assignment was RAF Mildenhall in Suffolk County, I was...
SUNDAY MORNING CHAPTER 3 - 18/06/2011 - Just as we reach the verge of a blissful post-fuck sleep, the quiet of the morning is pierced with a shrill, violent sound. Only half awake, I reach, thinking at first it was the clock. Then I realize, "The beeper... the fucking goddamn beeper." I say apologetically, "I'm sorry, sweetheart.... I'm sorry." I've already...
SUNDAY MORNING CHAPTER 2 - 17/06/2011 - One hour later I walk back outside and onto the lawn. Did an hour pass THAT fast? Inside the house I stop in the kitchen for a cup of coffee that I know is already made. "Gooooood Morning." The housekeeper says, "Hazelnut vanilla coffee today. S'okay?"...
SUNDAY MORNING - 16/06/2011 - It's early in the morning, just before dawn -- 5:45 to be exact. The black sky is gently giving way, at the horizon, to that beautiful pinkish-orange color. I've been lying in bed not really wanting to do what I know I have to do. I have just been lying there, listening -- to my partner's rhythmic breathing -- allowing myself to be soothed as the sound of his breath fills the room. He's so...
THE BARTER - 15/06/2011 - There was only one customer in the store - a short, potbellied man fondling a pair of camel-hair bedroom slippers - when I glanced through the display window and saw Randall's silver Pontiac Firebird cruising across the crowded shopping mall. Weak-kneed, I...
HOT SHOWER - 14/06/2011 - I wake from peaceful slumber, my arms still around you. My warm body next to yours feels comfortable and safe. Memories of the night before come to my mind - I flush at your strength, your passion...
POOL PRIVILLEGES - 22/04/2011 - The pool supervisor at the local college had allowed me swimming privileges on campus even though I was not a student there. I had explained to him that I was fed up with the YMCA, where there were too many bratty children, beligerent women, and degenerate guys to justify the name Young Men's Christian Association. The kind supervisor, a muscular stud with dark hair and eyes, understood my plight, and allowed me to...
AHMED CHAPTER 3 - 13/04/2011 - At the age of 11, I still did not have total understanding of what was going on between Kathim and I. I have always admired him. Kathim is a kind of guy that you cannot call cute, handsome, or sexy; these are words used to describe guys who try to look like models or celebrities. However, kathim on the other hand was tough, dirty looking, hairy, and sweaty. He's a kind of guy that you...
AHMED CHAPTER 2 - 12/04/2011 - After he rubbed my spit over his cock's head, he said " Ahmed, come here" I got up from between his legs and walked to where his head rested and knelt down. He said, "show me your tongue again" I showed him. He touched my tongue and then licked his finger " you taste so sweet" he said. I was so close to his face, I can see his big dark tongue licking my...
AHMED CHAPTER 1 - 04/04/2011 - My name is Ahmed, 25 years old. I will tell you about my first gay experience which happened to me when I was 11 years old. As a young boy, I was shorter than all the other boys in my class. I had shiny olive color skin, dark brown hair, and big light brown eyes. I was very good in school, and my only friends out of school, were the ones that lived closest to our house. My mom was so protective of me that I was always at home watching TV and doing nothing. On Fridays, which is our official weekend here...
BUDDY SLEEVE - ADULT FRIENDS - 02/04/2011 - Mike and I had been best friends since childhood. Our parents had lived only a block apart and we had gone to the same schools. We were the same age, 27, although I was a month older than Mike. However, we didn't resemble each other except in one way. I had brown hair and eyes and Mike was blond/blue. His face was thin and tapered to a pointed jaw, while my face was square...
CATFISH AND COMPANY CHAPTER 18 - 17/10/2010 - Keith got better as he stripped. He was beefy and muscular, with a coating of fine hair on his chest and a treasure trail to his pubic bush. There was a treasure poking from the bush, a thick tube of uncut meat. Keith was not what I expected. He was inexperienced, but more than eager. He liked sex and he loved man sex..
CATFISH AND COMPANY CHAPTER 17 - 08/10/2010 - Skeeter was timid and tight, but he wanted my cock so bad he was willing to put up with a lot. I was willing to help him out. It wasn't easy getting in, but Skeeter's interest never flagged. Buddy was a first rate bottom, so he coached him. He also gave Skeeter a few snorts of Rush. Once I got fully embedded and the poppers took effect, all was well..
CATFISH AND COMPANY CHAPTER 16 - 29/09/2010 - Buddy had to get to work early, so he was out of the trailer at six. I took a second ride on Beau's cock and then went to work. I made a call to the Richmond police as soon as I got back..
CATFISH AND COMPANY CHAPTER 15 - 23/09/2010 - We brought a video of the funeral back to Richmond. Vince had the Fire Department videos and wanted to see if it was possible to pick out any people who appeared in both. He said, often people as sick as the ones we were dealing with liked to see their victims buried. We didn't have time to compare, but Vince said, he had firemen who had lots of time..
CATFISH AND COMPANY CHAPTER 14 - 19/09/2010 - Mom was in a state. She was helping Buddy with the kids, doing all the food for the funeral and mad as hell. If Rev. Paul dared to set his foot in the Presbyterian Church, he ran a serious risk of being burned at the stake in the fellowship hall..
CATFISH AND COMPANY CHAPTER 13 - 16/09/2010 - I went to see Ed that night. Carter and Chuck were there and we had a good talk. We all had been friends and sex buddies years before, when we were all prison guards. Carter was a big guy, but he had gained more weight and must have been near 300 pounds. His hair and beard were white now. Chuck was still thin and lanky, but he must have been working out. I asked him about that and he said..
CATFISH AND COMPANY CHAPTER 12 - 04/09/2010 - Sally was missing and Ovid, Wayne and Bert, sat in jail. I think my own interrogation techniques would have speeded things up considerably. My lesbo officer could have found out anything we needed and made sure the bastards never had any kids, to boot. This is America and we can't do that..
CATFISH AND COMPANY CHAPTER 11 - 23/08/2010 - When my cock slipped into Bobby's waiting ass, Mark's and Vince's cum oozed out of the tight space between my rock hard cock and Bobby's stretched ass hole. It was like when you bite into a cream filled donut and the cream spurts out. Bobby had been royally fucked twice, but was just as enthusiastic with me in his ass..
CATFISH AND COMPANY CHAPTER 10 - 11/08/2010 - I'd spent so much time out of town recently, I had neglected my old friends. John had a special relationship with my cock. John and I were good friends, he was a nice guy and the original financial support for Catfish & Company. His ass was in love with my cock. They fit perfectly and..
CATFISH AND COMPANY CHAPTER 9 - 01/08/2010 - "Hands up!" someone yelled. I almost had a heart attack, until I recognized Slim. Jim was shocked..
CATFISH AND COMPANY CHAPTER 8 - 22/07/2010 - Earl told me I would like Slim. He was right. Slim Wilson, the Deputy, was a trip. I thought I was country. Slim defined country. He was from some God forsaken place in the mountains. He was tall, slim, redheaded with a close cropped mustache and goatee. I knew the close cropping was a requirement of the job. Deep in his heart he would like to look like a Billy-Goat..
CATFISH AND COMPANY CHAPTER 7 - 01/07/2010 - I woke at 5:30 hearing Buck's moans. The Sheriff had his cock deep in Buck's ass. Earl saw me open my eyes. I tried to wait until a more decent hour, but I just couldn't hold back..
CATFISH AND COMPANY CHAPTER 6 - 07/06/2010 - After Mark and my experiments with bottoming, Billy and Freddy were a nice return to our normal patterns. Billy tended to like the bottom anyway and he had been watching more than doing the night before. He was a short, stocky guy with a tight ass. It took a while, but I got in and he got off..
CATFISH AND COMPANY CHAPTER 5 - 02/06/2010 - The play period with Vince and Ram was quite a bit more than I expected. I was use to being the biggest boy in the room. My experience with Mark was pretty easy. His cock and my ass fit perfectly. Vince and Ram were no easy meat. Oddly it was less comfortable and enjoyable, but much more sexual. I'd been fucking guys for years and they've been complaining. I noticed while they might complain, most came back for more..
CATFISH AND COMPANY CHAPTER 4 - 14/05/2010 - My romp with Buddy and the Sheriff turned out to be fun. Buddy was a careful sucker. He loved to be sucked and sucked you only to be polite. I'm not sure he thought it really was sex. He had been doing it since he was a kid and it was purely recreational for him. He wasn't emotionally involved..
CATFISH AND COMPANY CHAPTER 3 - 27/04/2010 - Mark and Sandy had to go that morning. For all practical purposes they were running a medical taxi service between Richmond and the Medical Center in Charlottesville, so they were around a lot. That was fine for me..
CATFISH AND COMPANY CHAPTER 2 - 15/04/2010 - It's safe to say that Ari, Roosevelt and I hit it off. Once we got naked it was as if we had been old fuck buddies since our forefathers got off the ark. Roo sat on a ceramic bench in the corner of the shower. Ari just bent over to suck Roo's dark dong and opened his ass nice and wide. I know an invitation when I see it and I shoved my meat in to the hilt. I know a guy doesn't open his hole without a ulterior motive and I was right. Ari liked it in the ass and had no problem with Roo or me..
CATFISH AND COMPANY CHAPTER 1 - 28/03/2010 - The new Police Chief was able to destroy the department in a remarkably short period of time. The last election in Richmond had unusually low turn out and the new Mayor and Council were dominated by born-agains, whose primary interests were in the moral purity of the city. They were worried about homosexuality, abortion and Christian education. They fired the Police Chief who had overseen the reduction of the crime rate by 30% and replaced him with Randall Q. Odinmeyer..
MILLENNIUM CONSTRUCTION COMPANY CHAPTER 16 - 27/02/2010 - It was a good night. It wasn't exciting as much as it was enjoyable. Tyrone sucked his first cock and I sucked my first black cock. It was good for all of us. Tyrone was a sweet guy. He wasn't smart and he wasn't imaginative, he knew what felt good and liked to make other men feel good too. He was well hung and loved to have his cock played with. The Captain taught him how to suck, with me giving a demonstration on..
MILLENNIUM CONSTRUCTION COMPANY CHAPTER 15 - 08/02/2010 - The project on New Samoa Island turned out to be a good one for us. It was 75% construction project and 25% Summer camp for construction workers. I rotated the crews from the Palladium to the island for two or three week periods during the summer. The theater was dark and dirty and the work was complex and detailed. Several weeks in the open air, swimming and fishing in the sun was a refreshing change..
MILLENNIUM CONSTRUCTION COMPANY CHAPTER 14 - 27/01/2010 - After a few minutes we had all rearranged ourselves to get more comfortable. Buck joined the threesome with Trent, Jack and me making us a quartet. Buck was 25 or 30 years old with long, golden blond, hair parted in the middle. His musculature saved him from being scrawny. He was pale with a slight dusting of gold hair and his bright pink tits and cock head were the only strong color on his body except for his blue eyes..
MILLENNIUM CONSTRUCTION COMPANY CHAPTER 13 - 09/01/2010 - I really wanted Catfish in my ass again, but was a little afraid that I had inflated the feelings I had the previous time. The second his cock head poked in my hole, all the sensations rushed back. I moaned in unison with Butch as John slid his cock into the policeman's ass. The top's had evidently decided to solve the bottom shortage by switch hitting..
MILLENNIUM CONSTRUCTION COMPANY CHAPTER 12 - 01/01/2010 - After a week of having firemen or policemen on watch in the upstairs bathroom, I had to admit it was getting on my nerves. Poor Skeeter was almost in a decline because of the lack of sexual stimulation. I felt petty for thinking that way, since getting the arsonist was high on my life list and I wanted to do anything I could to help. It was damned inconvenient..
MILLENNIUM CONSTRUCTION COMPANY CHAPTER 11 - 20/12/2009 - Life in my house changed after the party. All of the sexual play came to an end the next day. Policemen arrived to take up duty at Skeeter's attic window. The police in his tub limited Skeeter's social life After the Christmas and New Years break, work resumed at full scale on the theater restoration and Magnus called me to further discuss his island..
MILLENNIUM CONSTRUCTION COMPANY CHAPTER 10 - 11/12/2009 - I understood why Julio and Steve were investigators in the week between Christmas and New Years. Once they had a lead they were relentless in their pursuit. A lot of offices were closed and people out of town during that period, but they were able to flesh out the theory. Steve went to Baltimore and exchanged notes with the investigators there. Vince was out of the hospital and was contributing his knowledge..
MILLENNIUM CONSTRUCTION COMPANY CHAPTER 9 -30/11/2009 - I never had a job interview naked and erect before. It was not the best approach for clear and dispassionate thought,especially since Templeton began to suck my cock at just the time Magnus asked me to work on the new club. Templeton was a good cocksucker and I couldn't concentrate on business. Magnus was distracted by the activity in the room..
MILLENNIUM CONSTRUCTION COMPANY CHAPTER 8 - 21/11/2009 - Skeeter woke me up at seven the next morning. "Turn on the TV! It's Vince!" we ran to the living room and turned on the local station. It was a special report, live from a fire in a warehouse in the east end of Richmond. The building was in ruins, there was smoke everywhere. The reporter said, a portion of the building had collapsed and firemen were missing..
MILLENNIUM CONSTRUCTION COMPANY CHAPTER 7 - 15/11/2009 - Julio and Steve got back to my house at 1:00 in the morning. They tried not to wake anyone, but all the guys wanted to find out about the fire. This time there was no arson suspected, it seemed to be an open and shut case of bad wiring. That was a relief. They stripped and jumped into the pile of men..
MILLENNIUM CONSTRUCTION COMPANY CHAPTER 6 - 11/11/2009 - We all gathered in the living room around the tree. Ed gave a very convincing imitation of our inept Governor lighting the state tree and we had an official lighting. The decorations were impressive and festive. I had suffered through my wife's taste for theme trees for years. We had an all white tree one year, a tree decorated with only birds another. They were pretty but it was nice to have a tree with everything and the kitchen sink used as decoration..
MILLENNIUM CONSTRUCTION COMPANY CHAPTER 5 - 31/10/2009 - Both men came home with me and we had a good night. It was odd, but good. I understood why Steve was excited. In this group there was no need to hide your interests, affections or curiosities. Everyone was gay and shared the same general interests. No one was going to get pregnant..
MILLENNIUM CONSTRUCTION COMPANY CHAPTER 4 - 25/10/2009 - I greatly enjoyed the sexual experiences of the last week and hoped that I could repeat them soon. That wasn't to be. One of the curses of being a man is commitment to work. Work just got too exciting to bother with sex. This seemed to happen to my staff as well as me..
MILLENNIUM CONSTRUCTION COMPANY CHAPTER 3 - 14/10/2009 - I wasn't sure how much sex was too much sex. Butch and I were sandwiched between Bubba and Skeeter. Bubba was a 250-pound human furnace. He was next to me and cuddled up to me. It was getting cool in the room, but we were an island of warmth..
MILLENNIUM CONSTRUCTION COMPANY CHAPTER 2 - 07/10/2009 - I remembered how difficult it had been thirty years earlier when I started my first company. Then cash was at the core of all my problems. Now I was a wealthy man, so capitalizing the company and getting the day to day operating expenses was not a problem. I got the company going quickly. With an accountant and lawyer things fell into place..
MILLENNIUM CONSTRUCTION COMPANY CHAPTER 1 - 26/09/2009 - At age 58 I found myself the victim of my own thought processes. I am John Williamson, retired building contractor of Richmond Virginia. By most standards my career and life had been successful. My company had grown from a small operation into one of the largest and most respected in town. Last year I sold it for more money that I would have thought possible and retired..
SPECIAL ASSISTANT CHAPTER 17 - 09/09/2009 - The Metropolitan police were unhappy. They were excluded from the investigation of the Press secretary's death. After my discussion with Kevin and Bull, I suspected they were conducting their own investigation. The administrations, "hear no evil, say no evil and see no evil" approach was well established, so there was no reason to expect a real investigation would take place..
SPECIAL ASSISTANT CHAPTER 16 - 31/08/2009 - Jim relaxed when he realized Rolf and I were friends, not romantically attached. Jim was five or ten years older than I and a complete political animal. As I talked with him, I realized he was blind sided by his attraction to Rolf. He was a country club type, a golfer and throughly conventional man..
SPECIAL ASSISTANT CHAPTER 15 - 20/08/2009 - I walked home through the shopping areas which line the Potomac near Georgetown. It was a beautiful day and it was crowded. I ran into Admiral Billy and Marty having coffee at an open air cafe. I joined them. The Cafe was next to a small, expensive hotel. We had a clear view of the entrance..
SPECIAL ASSISTANT CHAPTER 14 - 15/08/2009 - I spent the night at Watson's apartment. Wizard woke me at three and screwed me a second time, then again at six. I was relaxed the second time and more like Jell-O than a man the third. As I relaxed, Wizard got deeper and a bit more aggressive. Less tense, I enjoyed it more..
SPECIAL ASSISTANT CHAPTER 13 - 07/08/2009 - Randall was in a talkative mood. He wanted to know if I had any high ranking friends he could meet. I told him no. "My interlude with Baskervill was a fluke. I usually hob nob in much more modest circles." I said "You need to move up. Steve's introduced me to several of his friends. Let me tell you, if you're a conservative, family-values kind of man and like to top like me, there's a place for you in this administration," Randall said. "They're afraid of exposure, but if you're safe, they love it."..
SPECIAL ASSISTANT CHAPTER 12 - 30/07/2009 - As Virgil climaxed in my ass, I felt his cock bloat, then squirt. The ejaculations were explosive and I felt each volley. Virgil seemed like a nice guy, but I was taken back by my reaction to his orgasm. A wave of affection swept over me. When he stopped shooting, we hugged..
SPECIAL ASSISTANT CHAPTER 11 - 24/07/2009 - The next day Kevin called me. One of his contacts had seen the Post photo and contacted him. The contact, whose name was Bruce, saw the photo and saw the President with Robin. Kevin had been kind to Bruce when Bruce was caught with some coke. In exchange for leniency, Bruce kept Kevin up to date on the goings on in the world of Gay rent boys and hookers..
SPECIAL ASSISTANT CHAPTER 10 - 17/07/2009 - Kevin became a friend. His connections were in the day to day life of Washington. This was an entirely different world from that of the upper tiers of the administration. He told me he'd check out the bottom feeders and see if any of them knew Randall..
SPECIAL ASSISTANT CHAPTER 9 - 10/07/2009 - Detective Inspector Kevin Magnuson was an intimidating man. While he was no more than 5'-10", tall, he gave the impression of being tightly wound. Built like a Bull terrier, he spoke in brief, decisive sentences, delivered machine gun style. With a crew cut and a military style mustache, he scared me..
SPECIAL ASSISTANT CHAPTER 8 - 01/07/2009 - Getting it back to the house was slow, but Roddy wasn't even winded. Gill taped up my ankle and I was out of commission. I stayed on the porch in the shade and they brought things to me. It was a quiet afternoon. At three another guest appeared. They called him the Bishop. At first I thought this was a..
SPECIAL ASSISTANT CHAPTER 7 - 25/06/2009 - Roddy's approach to sex was both gentle and aggressive. His huge cock stretched me wide open, but I didn't think it was going to rip me in half. Sometimes the sensations were so strong, I almost forgot to breathe. He noticed that and pulled back, easing the stress. Roddy liked and enjoyed me. He enjoyed the deep thrusts which made me dizzy, but he did that sparingly..
SPECIAL ASSISTANT CHAPTER 6 - 20/06/2009 - Marty returned around one and made a lunch of sandwiches. I felt like a tugboat surrounded by battleships, but Bernard and Herbie were easy to talk with, in spite of being well known and I felt comfortable. We were almost finished with lunch when two big men entered the house. One was big; the other was huge..
SPECIAL ASSISTANT CHAPTER 5 - 13/06/2009 - I'm not the sexually experienced guy in the world although, Tommy, Marty and Rolf had done what they could with me. I was totally unprepared for Admiral Billy's cock. Marty was a big man, but Billy's cock sent me to the moon and back. He was as gentle and careful as he could be, given he was forcing an organ the size of a baseball bat into my ass..
SPECIAL ASSISTANT CHAPTER 4 - 05/06/2009 - I thought about my conversation with Rolf and Marty. I couldn't sleep that night. What was Ronnie-Randall's game? Was he using his cover as a reporter as a way to service his "clients" in the White house? Was he blackmailing his "clients" to enter the White house? My own brief experience with him suggested he was as right wing as they come. Was that true or just a cover?..
SPECIAL ASSISTANT CHAPTER 3 - 29/05/2009 - I was uneasy about Randall's situation, but I was a really small fry in the White House organization, so I figured the higher ups knew better. Randall became a fixture around the White House and I stopped noticing he was there, unless he brought in of his younger "interns" with him. He seemed to like Marine type men. I don't know if they were Marines, or if they just looked the part..
SPECIAL ASSISTANT CHAPTER 2 - 23/05/2009 - A few days later Randall Burlingame called me. I was surprised when Randall turned out to be Ronnie Billings. He told he had been an actor and Billings was his Equity name. He was now the White House correspondent for th Digital News Association, DNA. We talked for a few minutes, and he said he'd meet me the next day to get his clearance..
SPECIAL ASSISTANT CHAPTER 1 - 18/05/2009 - It was near the end of a campaign stop in Suburban Washington and I was at a reception in a local hotel with the locals. I was talking to a good-looking guy who was as rabidly conservative as I had ever met. I move in those circles, so I've met sone odd ones. This guy looked normal, he was somewhat muscular and clean cut but didn't have the prissy look of College Republicans. His hand brushed across my leg. I didn't react and we continued to talk..
THE VIRGIN CLUB CHAPTER 2 - 12/05/2009 - A month later I got another call from Willy. "I've got another customer," he said. "Huh?" "You remember Wayne? Well he was talking to a friend of his on line and recommended our services," Willy explained. "Introduction to Sex 101?"..
THE VIRGIN CLUB CHAPTER 1 - 02/05/2009 - My friend, Willy, spent a lot of time on line in gay video chat rooms. Willy liked older guys and developed a group of men he chatted with regularly. He had a warm spot for inexperienced men who were interested in gay sex, but who were too closeted or too scared to try it out. He had a good time filling them in on his own sexual experiences. Willy wasn't a virgin..
MY FIRST TIME - 29/04/2009 - I had always been interested in boys. When I was younger I would treat myself to a little gay porn when my parents weren't around the computer. Needless to say I was caught a few times. This isn't the point of the story tho. It was only a few day until the big Halloween party at an older friends house. I just turned 18 so I knew it would be a blast..
CAPTAIN HOOK - 21/04/2009 - I remember someone yelling, then all went black. We had been in a strong storm. The waves were as tall as the ship. Granted the ship was neither large, nor particularly well built. The waves were huge..
BILL'S LESSONS - 16/04/2009 - Billy wasn't exactly my cup of tea. He picked me up at a cruising place in a park. It was late. I was horny and he was available. He was a little below average height and a bit above average weight. He had a small mustache and was balding. Even in the dark I could tell he was dumpy. I figured he was better than nothing. I got out of my car and went to a picnic shelter..
BUBBA AND BILL - 12/04/2009 - Being a World Class fuck up takes some doing. I worked at it and turned it into an art form. My parents gave me the name Edwin Leveridge Mills III, but they called me Bubba from the start. Everyone knew I was smart enough and I was pretty good looking, but I had a problem with carry through. Things would go along well for a while, then, just as things were going to turn from being good to great, I would do something stupid..
ALCAZAR FINAL CHAPTER 15/15 - 11/04/2009 - Will called me and asked me to meet him at the Alcazar at noon. I knew that something as afoot since his normal time to visit was at the end of the day. When I got there, Will and many of the investors were in the dining area. I was the last to arrive..
ALCAZAR CHAPTER 14/15 - 05/04/2009 - During the time that Helen and Wally were sick, that, combined with the normal stresses of work made it hard to think about sex. It was difficult to work a trip to the Alcazar into our schedule. The male sex drive is a strange and erratic thing, and it tended to pop up. Lust can be a stress reducer and it seemed to work that way for me. I was at work when Sarge called me..
ALCAZAR CHAPTER 13/15 - 01/04/2009 - Wally went to see Ed the next day. I didn't hear from him for a week. I figured that was more than enough time to get test reports back so I called his house and got only the answering machine. I called the church and they said he had been sick and hadn't come in. That evening Bill and I drove to Wally's house and knocked on the door..
ALCAZAR CHAPTER 12/15 - 25/03/2009 - Roger pulled his cock out and re-entered my ass. It took me a second to realize that it wasn't Roger's cock. Some on else was fucking me. Since I had Larry's meat in my mouth and he was sucking me I couldn't see who screwing me now..
ALCAZAR CHAPTER 11/15 - 19/03/2009 - I was in the steam room with Clyde and Ali when the door opened again. "Who's there?" Clyde asked. "Herb. Can I join you?" "Sure. Make yourself at home." Clyde said. "This was like old times at Uncle Jake's house, wasn't it?" Herb sat next to us..
ALCAZAR CHAPTER 10/15 - 14/03/2009 - It was hard to figure out what they could do that would top the earlier match. It had been a spectacular display. Catfish and the other wrestlers returned to the ring, showered and cleaned up. The only change was the silver ring on Catfish's cock..
ALCAZAR CHAPTER 9/15 - 11/03/2009 - I didn't know if he the event would be an athletic event or a sexual romp. When I went to the locker room to change. There was a large beach towel for each person. It had a small pocket sewn into it, containing container or lubricant and bottle of poppers. I didn't know anything about wrestling, but I certainly knew what to do with the lubricant, so I felt more at ease..
ALCAZAR CHAPTER 8/15 - 08/03/2009 - A few weeks later Charlie called me. His old wrestling coach was going to visit next month and Charlie hoped that we could have a session at the Alcazar. I talked to Jeff and he said he would make note and post it on the bulletin board. The next time I was there I looked at the sign up sheet. I had never been interested in wrestling, but I was clearly in the minority. There must have been thirty-five names. Sarge was the first on the list..
ALCAZAR CHAPTER 7/15 - 27/02/2009 - I enjoyed watching the scene before me and almost forgot that Larry was still sucking my cock. My cock reminded me as I suddenly unloaded in Larry's mouth. It was more of a slow oozing than an explosion, but Larry seemed to like it. Magnus continued his slow screwing and Larry let go of my cock, so I could get up. He was still purring and I wondered if he was the man for Magnus. There was a lot of open enjoyment..
ALCAZAR CHAPTER 6/15 - 20/02/2009 - I had thought that the activity would start when all the guests arrived, but Ram's monster cock distracted me. After an nice friendly sucking, I let him go and looked around the dimly illuminated room. I wasn't the only one to have been distracted. There was an awful lot of feeling up and licking going on. Our new friends from the prison fit in well..
ALCAZAR CHAPTER 5/15 - 15/02/2009 - Sam was more than ready when I returned to the room. I slicked some lubricant on his cock and sat on it. He glowed as I took the whole thing and began to grind my ass. Ron played with the hair on my chest..
ALCAZAR CHAPTER 4/15 - 08/02/2009 - Catfish was a great fucker. I am a great bottom. The second his cock head brushed my prostate we both knew that. It was perfect. His prick was designed to hit every hot spot I had. My chute fit him perfectly. I was hard and became harder as he pumped. Perfect is not quite the right way to describe it. He cock was one size bigger than my ass. Everything was too tight, but perfect sexually..
ALCAZAR CHAPTER 3/15 - 02/02/2009 - By ten, most of the work was done. By ten thirty I got the letter finished and faxed to the building inspector. I got a case of beer for the crew at a local 7-11. When I returned to the building my electric key worked perfectly and the place looked spectacular. Jeff was polishing the marble reception desk..
ALCAZAR CHAPTER 2/15 - 30/01/2009 - The meeting with Henry and Jack was an unqualified success. It must have been a trial run, since Will called me the next day and said the project would proceed at full speed ahead. He had expected to wait to line up all the investors, but Roger and Jack had said they would underwrite the initial expenses to get the ball rolling..
ALCAZAR CHAPTER 1/15 - 27/01/2009 - I was sitting with my old friend, Vince DeSoto, discussing our sex lives. He had visited a gay bar in downtown Richmond and had not been impressed.""I don't see anything wrong with meaningless sex."He said. "Just plain, old sex, no strings, no ropes no leather accessories."..
TOWEL BOYS - "Hey, Timmy," the big boned stud called from across the dressing room, "I need and extra towel over here!!!" "Uh, right away, sir," he replied while rushing over to him with his hand extended holding a fresh towel, "is there anything else I can do for you!?!" "I dunno, Timmy," he said while grinning at his locker mate, Kelly, "is there anything else he can do for me!?!" "Welllllll..
THE BUTT PLUG - Ricky stood quietly next to the bed while Jack reached out and played with his young butch’s hard pecker. “Are you gonna be a good boy for me today,” Jack asked while jerking on the six inch piece of hard meat!?! “Oh, yes,” Ricky moaned, “I promise I’ll be good, you can count on me.” “That’s not what happened last week is it,” Jack retorted while recalling the events of a week ago!?! “N-no,” Ricky gasped as his orgasm bubbled close to the surface, “I-I didn’t mean for it to happen but he was so strong that I couldn’t resist him..
AND STILL CHAMPION - Duke Walker stood under the burning needles of the shower in his bathroom while letting the hot water waft over his well muscled body! Oh man was he ever tired, ten long hours on that hot roof laying shingles was enough to sap the strength of anyone, and he was a twenty five year old in great physical condition! The only good part of the job was the view! High on a hill overlooking San Francisco Bay..
CHORUS BOYS - They were due to open in less than thirty days and still they were several chorus boys short of a full ensemble. Dick Logan, the director of the musical, sat with his assistant and said grimly, “Ross, what are we gonna do, we need at least two more men, where are we gonna find them!?!” “Well, why don’t you ask Mr. Mills if we can just relax the standards on cock size a little bit,” Ross asked hopefully, “I mean does it really make any difference that one cock is a little bigger or smaller that the one next to it..
FAMILY FUN - Rod knocked on the front door of the large split level suburban home, and after several moments the door swung open and a fortyish blonde woman ushered him inside and asked, “I hope you didn’t have any trouble finding us, we’re kinda out in the boonies!” “No problem,” Rod answered while giving the place a quick once over and removing his coat..
KITCHEN - Lorne Ascott pulled his coat tight around his body before stepping from the lobby of his downtown Chicago office building into the cold December winds that whipped unmercifully off of Lake Michigan! As usual the limo was idling silently at the curb, and when Charles, his chauffeur of fifteen years spied him coming through the revolving door, he quickly hopped out of his driver’s seat and opened the rear door to allow his boss easy entrance into the luxurious car while he said evenly..
NOCTURNALS - Marsden tried in vain to get a grip on what was overcoming him, but it was a much too powerful force that had taken hold of him, and as he struggled to get a grip, the orgasm that had been building slowly over the past hour sent his pecker reeling out of control as it convulsed spasmodically to its crushing completion..
IN THE PARK - Gary Thomas rechecked his ticket and after making sure everything was in order, he kissed his wife and daughter good by and boarded the airliner for his non stop flight to Rome! He would be gone for two whole weeks covering the first round of the World Cup soccer matches in Europe, and while he was looking forward to revisiting the Continent as they called it, he was surely going to miss his family back in the states..
GETTING OFF OVER THE PHONE - " the expiration date," the operator asked? "Uh, 10-02," Mark replied nervously, "what happens now?!?" "I will put you on hold for maybe a minute or two and then your "date" will come on the line," the operator answered, "and thank you for using our service," and before Mark could get in another word the operator was off the line only to be replaced by some elevator music! "What am I doing," Mark muttered to himself..
THE PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE - Joshua Crandle slowly made his way through the wide deserted halls of Central High School while nervously fingering the note he had received from Mr. Jackson while he was minding his own business in study hall! Why did he wanna see him anyway, he hadn’t done anything wrong as far as he could figure, but he was still starting to sweat profusely as he neared his office..
PRISONER - Billy surveyed the communal shower for a second trying to make sure that none of the dreaded Bros were present, and when he was sure that the coast was clear, he slipped under the first available head and quickly began soaping himself. Billy had a problem that was common in every large prison..
UNCLE'S FRIEND - "Hello, I'm Cole Denton, and you must be Mr. Taylor," the young man said while extending his hand, "I'm happy to meet you!!!" "P-please come in, Mr. Denton, would you care for something to drink," the older man asked nervously!?! "No thanks, I'm okay, but would you like something," Cole asked gently, "you look a little nervous?!?" "Does it show that much," he asked with a little laugh..
HIS "WIFE" - Thank you for such a wonderful evening,” Kimberly Knight said to her hostess and friend Ruth Pedersen, “let’s do it again real soon, all right!” Ben Knight stood quietly behind his wife while she gave the proper thank you, but once they were in the car and on their way home, her cheery outward appearance immediately turned nasty!!! “Can’t you do anything right,” she snapped..
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